Tuesday November 17, 2015
Start TimeEnd TimeEventLocation
8:00 AM3:25 PMTrenchless Technology 101Westminster Ballroom North
8:00 AM4:00 PMCulvert Assessment and RehabilitationWestminster Ballroom South
8:00 AM4:30 PMAdvances in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Asset Management Fraser Room
6:00 PM8:00 PMExhibit Set-up
Wednesday November 18, 2015
Start TimeEnd TimeEvent
7:00 AM5:00 PMRegistration
7:00 AM7:40 AMContinental Breakfast
7:40 AM8:00 AMOpening Remarks
Session 1: Trenchless Save $$$$Westminster Ball Room
Start TimeEnd TimeTitle (Abstracts)Speaker(s)
8:00 AM8:25 AMRegion of Halton S-2863-14 - Halton Saves $460,000 through Innovative Trenchless ApproachDavid Runge (Insituform Technologies Ltd.), Mike Near (Liquiforce Services), Martin Larkin (Region of Halton), Canada
8:25 AM8:50 AMAdvances in Buried Infrastructure Asset Management - A Case StudyCliff Jones, (Syrinix Canada), Canada
8:50 AM9:15 AMSolving I&I, Corrosion, Potholes & Noisy Manholes: Delta & Maple Ridge Solve Different Manhole Problems with the Same Solution
Daniel Leger (Hamilton Kent Inc.), Canada
9:15 AM9:45 AMNetworking BreakSponsored By: Opus Dayton Knight
9:45 AM10:10 AMAlternate Trenchless Tender Options for the MMCDKieran Field (Opus DaytonKight Consultants Ltd.), Canada
10:10 AM10:35 AMProject Case Study: Construction of a 2.2 m Diameter Microtunnel in EdmontonK.C Er (Shanghai Construction)
10:35 AM11:00 AMMicrotunneling 1050 mm GRP Fiberglass Sewer Pipe Under Tight TimelineBijan Khamanian (HOBAS PIPE USA), USA
Session 2: Inspection Tools and SUEFraser Room
8:00 AM8:25 AMDirect Condition Assessment of Submarine Water Mains Using Remote Field TestingVincent Shen (PICA Corporation), Canada
8:25 AM8:50 AMCCTV - New Digital TechnologiesLarry Corkill (CUES Canada), Canada
8:50 AM9:15 AMSt. Louis - Force Main Evaluation ProgramReid McDougall, Cameron White (Pure Technologies), Canada
9:15 AM9:45 AMNetworking Break
9:45 AM10:10 AMSubsurface Utility Engineering in the Trenchless EnvironmentLawrence Arcand/Jeff Harrott (T2 Utility Engineers), Canada
10:10 AM10:35 AMHow Direct Condition Assessment Save Calgary and Other Municipalities MillionsWilliam Jappy (PICA Corp.)
10:35 AM11:00 AMThe City of Surrey, BC, Uses Electro Scan Technology to Find I&I IssuesCarissa Boudwin/Macy Grubbs/Jamie Johnson (Electro Scan Canada), Canada
11:00 AM11:05 AM
Exhibit Hall Ribbon Cutting
11:00 AM2:15 PM
Exhibit Hall and Demos
Demo Schedule
1:00 PM1:20 PMADS/Inserta Fittings
1:20 PM2:00 PMCanadian Induracoat Corp.
Session 3: Going Green and the EnvironmentSponsored By:

Fer-Pal Infrastructure

Westminster Ball Room
2:15 PM2:40 PMThe Development of a Carbon Protocol to Allow Cities to Offset Their “Day to Day Operations” David O’Sullivan (PW Trenchless Construction Inc.), Canada
2:40 PM3:05 PMIce Pigging - Advanced Pipe Cleaning TechnologyPaul Treloar/John Kitchen, (Utility Service Group), USA
3:05 PM3:30 PMEnvironmentally Responsible Practices and Processes of CIPP Watermain RehabilitationShaun McKaigue, Sadesh Mahalingam, Geoff Britnell (FER-PAL Infrastructure), Canada
3:30 PM3:55 PMThe Big One: the Effects of a Major Seismic Event on a CIPP Lined WatermainShaun McKaigue, Sadesh Mahalingam, Geoff Britnell (FER-PAL Infrastructure), Canada
3:55 PM4:05 PMNetworking Break
4:05 PM4:30 PMLarge Diameter Pipe Burst through Contaminated SoilsDavid O’Sullivan (PW Trenchless Construction Inc.), Canada
4:30 PM4:55 PMTrenchless and Dry Watermain Rehabilitation Using Tomahawk in Victoria and Vancouver BCBrian Thorogood (Envirologics Engineering Inc.), Canada
4:55 PM5:20 PMUV Cure GRP LinersMark Hallett (SAERTEX), USA
Session 4: Sewer Renovations and CleaningFraser Room
2:15 PM2:40 PMGRP Structural Lining of Large Diameter Non-Circular Sewer Pipes and InterceptorsAndy Sherwin (CHANNELINE International), Canada
2:40 PM3:05 PMAdvanced Geopolymer Pipe and Structure Lining SystemsJoe Royer (Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC.), USA
3:05 PM3:30 PMIndian Creek Crossing: Wastewater Main CIPP Lining in the City of BurlingtonSinan Omari (Insituform Technologies Ltd.), Canada
3:30 PM3:55 PMThe First Steps in Reducing and Controlling Sewer InfiltrationMarc Anctil (Logiball Inc.), John Nelson (Visu Sewer), Canada
3:55 PM4:05 PMNetworking Break
4:05 PM4:30 PMAgassiz Townsite Sanitary Sewer RehabilitationKieran Field (Opus DaytonKnight Consultants Ltd), Mick Thiessen (District of Kent), Canada
4:30 PM4:55 PMTwin Crossing of Portage Inlet for the Craigflower Pump Station ProjectJason Lueke (Associated Engineering), Malcolm Cowley (Capital Regional District), Canada
4:55 PM5:20 PMLarge Diameter Trunk Sewer CleaningJoel McAllister (Opus DaytonKnight Consultants), Gregg Densmore (City of Abbotsford), Canada
5:30 PM7:00 PM
Exhibit Hall and Networking Reception Raffle
Thursday November 19, 2015
Session 5: Successful Water Main RenovationWestminster Ball Room
8:00 AM8:25 AMListening and Looking Under PressurePreston Creelman/ David Gosselin (Royal Building Products), Canada
8:25 AM8:50 AMWhy The Water Industry Needs A Standardized Framework For Watermain Condition Coding And EvaluationDr. Mark Knight (University of waterloo)
8:50 AM9:15 AMRationalizing the True Structural Rating of CIPP Pressure Pipe LinersChristopher Macey (AECOM), George Bontus (Aegion Corporation), Scott Arnold (Fyfe), Canada
9:15 AM9:45 AMNetworking BreakSponsored By: Opus Dayton Knight
9:45 AM10:10 AMCity of Regina Conducts First Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection of Steel Water Main in Canada Clint Duchek (Pure Technologies Ltd), Canada
10:10 AM10:35 AMPipe Material Degradation – A Sleeping DragonMarek Pawlowski (PYPER Infrastructure Management Ltd.), Canada
10:35 AM11:00 AMAddressing Rapid Chlorine Decay and Biofilm via CIPP ApplicationJonathan Pearce/Natasha Glauser (City of Waterloo), Canada
Session 6: Tunneling & Microtunneling - Systems & ApplicationsSponsored By:

Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.
Fraser Room
8:00 AM8:25 AMThe Hydraulic Joint – Key to Curved MicrotunnelingStefan Trumpi-Althaus (Jackcontrol AG), Switzerland
8:25 AM8:50 AMVSM: Mechanized Shaft Sinking in Two Projects for Microtunnelling Launch and Reception ShaftsSebastian Berblinger (Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.) Germany
8:50 AM9:15 AMIncreasing Requirements move boundaries in Pipe JackingGerhard Lang (Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.), Germany
9:15 AM9:45 AMNetworking BreakSponsored By:

Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.
9:45 AM10:10 AMOvercoming Risks of Frac-outs and Cutting Settlements in HDD with an Innovative Downhole JetpumpMichael Lubberger (Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.) Germany
10:10 AM10:35 AMPipe Thruster: Different Applications for the Installation of PipelinesMichael Lubberger (Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.), Germany
10:35 AM11:00 AMInstallation of Three 1200 mm RCP Microtunneled WatermainsWalter Trisi (CRS Tunnelling, Inc.), Chris Sivesind (Akkerman), Canada
11:00 AM1:15 PM
Exhibit Hall and Demos
Demo Schedule
12:00 PM12:20 PMMar-Tech Underground Services
12:20 PM12:40 PMAries Industries
12:40 PM1:00 PMCubex Ltd.
1:15 PM1:50 PM
Keynote Presentation: Ken Foster, President of Insituform Technologies Limited in Canada/Managing Director of Insituform Europe
Session 7: Culverts Assessment and RenovationWestminster Ball Room
2:00 PM2:25 PMAdopting a Proactive Approach to Culvert Lifecycle ManagementMarek Pawlowski (MJ Pawlowski and Associates), Canada
2:25 PM2:50 PMDiagnostic Imaging Technique for the In-situ Assessment of Supporting Soil for CulvertsStephen McCormick (Inversa Systems), Canada
2:50 PM3:15 PM2014 Waechter Creek Culvert Replacement by Trenchless MethodologyTony Seibert, Gregg Densmore (City of Abbotsford, BC), Canada
3:15 PM3:40 PMNetworking BreakSponsored By:

Central Water & Equipment Services Ltd
3:40 PM4:05 PMPennask Summit Culvert Rehab - Case StudyDavid O’Sullivan (PW Trenchless Construction Inc.), Canada
4:05 PM4:30 PMGeopolymer Mortar: a Structural Rehab Solution to Failing CulvertsJoe Royer (Miliken Industrial Solutions)
Session 8: Emerging TechnologiesFraser Room
2:00 PM2:25 PMInnovative Guided Boring SolutionsHarry Dickinson (Kamloops Augering & Boring Ltd.), Canada
2:25 PM2:50 PMCarbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) for Watermain RenovationNicholas Meyer (Fyfe), Chris Macey (AECOM), Canada/USA
2:50 PM3:15 PMDesign and Stress Analysis Guideline for Fiberglass Pipelines Installed Using HDDSri Rajah (CDM Smith), USA
3:15 PM3:40 PMNetworking Break
3:40 PM4:05 PMInnovative Product – Fiberglass-lined Concrete Jacking PipeJeff Leblanc (Flowtite Pipe)
4:05 PM4:30 PMPrincipal factors in CIPP Flexural Data VariationTony Araujo (VP – Testing PARAGON SYSTEMS)